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Linkedin Advertising Paid Social Services

In this interconnected digital world, there is always a link, to be linked in to! 

With over 550 million users, LinkedIn advertising can help you reach a more professional audience. If you want to advertise to decision makers and top-level executives, LinkedIn is one the best platforms to do so. 

An audience that means business 

With LinkedIn, you’re targeting a quality audience in a professional context. Market to influencers, decision makers, and executives who act on new opportunities. Due to the professional nature of LinkedIn, your advertisements are likely to be taken more seriously than ads that are placed on other social media platforms.

Get LinkedIn ads help to maximize your returns.  

LinkedIn data is differentiated because members have professional incentives to keep their profiles accurate and up-to-date. Use real, member-generated demographic data to reach the right audience: job title, company, industry, seniority, and more. 

Nurture interested prospects, leads, and contacts by using your data in three ways:

  • Re-engage your website visitors with Website Retargeting
  • Upload or integrate email lists with Contact Targeting  
  • Run account-based marketing with Account Targeting

Real professional data, for real results!

Though organic growth has its advantages, paid growth can be a considerable way to expand your LinkedIn network beyond your current limitations. We utilize LinkedIn advertising opportunities to position your brand where you’ll get the most views, clicks, and conversions leading to an increase in B2B targeted leads. 

As a significant resource for marketers and managers alike, our team has the knowledge and expertise to help you grow your business and fuel that growth with the right minds and talent. 

Wingerly can manage your presence on the platform, identify opportunities for growth and connections, and speak volumes on your behalf about the competitive edge your company has within your industry.   

Hire us to manage your LinkedIn profile to better connect with the industry and position yourself at the top.