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Social Media Management

Everything we do is based on data, not guesswork.

Social media was created for people to talk to each other and it’s no different for brands. Good social media management essentially means developing and maintaining lasting relationships with  your audience, and it’s crucial for the growth of your business.  This is something we can take completely off your hands or we can provide your social community manager with the right strategy for your audience.  

Rule the realms of independent thinkers, part-time philosophers and change-makers! 

Social Media Marketing can be split up into two main types: 

  • Traditional Social Media Management (Organic) – Just like it says in its name, Social Media Management is about looking after a brands Social Media profile. It requires no extra budget to be paid to the platforms you’re posting on and instead focuses on creating posts that  inspire, educate, guide and entertain your audience. Organic Social Media is a great way to interact with your audience, answer any questions they may have and generally interact with your current audience.    
  • Paid Social Media Marketing –On the other hand, Paid Social allows you to locate a new, hyper-targeted audience and drive your brand message to a much wider set of potential customers. However, this does require extra budget being spent on the platforms you choose to advertise on. Costs are typically much lower than platforms such as Google AdWords though.  

Whichever method you feel would work best for your company, we’ll offer our expert advice as Social Media Marketing is an area we’re having continued success in a variety of niches.  

Did another company set you up on social media but you have doubts as to whether they knew what they were doing? No Worries, we offer an initial audit to discover any glaring errors to quell or hidden gems that we can replicate.  

We’re ready to create a Social Media Management strategy that multiplies your audience, amplify your marketing reach and increases your profit. Contact us today!