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SEO Audit Services

Our SEO audit is a detailed analysis of your ongoing SEO strategy. Our audits are entirely bespoke to you and the business goals you’re trying to achieve.   

Audits may include: 

  • Google Analytics traffic review 
  • Google Search Console data review 
  • Technical SEO review 
  • On-page content review 
  • Off-page link profile review 
  • Link building appraisal and back link audit 
  • Local SEO performance 
  • Penalty risk 
  • Technical website audit 
  • Industry and competitor SEO activity 
  • Content appraisal and gap analysis 
  • The impact and effectiveness of content marketing 
  • Implications of Schema and rich snippets in your market 

.. and any other issues which we find that can affect your natural search performance.  

Depending on the size of the site, just fixing these initial issues can have a major impact on your overall search rankings.  

Either way, we’ll make sure you know exactly what the issues are , with full clarification of everything right down to the specific URLs affected. We’ll provide actionable recommendations to resolve or mitigate everything to get your site back in business.