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Penalty Removal

Have you received a notification telling you about a penalty applied to your website? This means your website is no longer visible in the search engine, or its visibility is being greatly reduced. 

Sometimes small black hat activity can cause big problems for search engines. But,  with quick reaction and with apt amendments, your lost traffic can be restored gradually.  

Our team can identify the actions that led to the delisting of your website and create a plan of action to bring your website back in line with the proper guidelines. We understand the impact being delisted can have on your search traffic and business and create a fast plan of action, quickly fixing your issues to get your website reviewed and reinstated as quickly as possible.  

One of the most common reasons a website is penalized is due to poor or toxic incoming links. We analyze the quality and the source of the built links to determine the effect they have. Websites which engage in poor link strategies are often penalized, passing the penalty onto your website.  

You’re provided with a list of items which needs to be resolved and information on how our SEO experts can assist you in getting your SEO campaign back on track. We provide unique insight on how and why changes need to be made and which of your current efforts are still in line with Google’s guidelines.  

Recovering from such penalties is possible. We will always offer honest advice, and if we don’t think a site is recoverable, we will say so.