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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for Charities

Nowdays, it’s more important than ever to be getting your charity in front of potential donors.

It’s true that street fundraisers, events, door drops, telemarketing and other offline promotions play an unique role in introducing charities to new supporters, but as we are surrounded by fast-growing technology, it’s important to have an online presence as well. While there are various ways that you can bring more people to your website, such as paid advertising and social media  marketingSEO is one of the best option 

SEO rules work the same nevertheless of what industry you’re in. But SEO has typically been less of a concern to charities because its success is harder to measure for them. An online shop has an obvious bottom-line; SEO is important because it can help drive more sales, which is ultimately the whole point of the site. 

It’s a different story for charities though. Where there are no physical sales it can be a bit difficult to understand the direct benefits because it is not so easily quantifiable. However, with the tools available these days such as google analytics, we can help quantify what may be classified as a conversion/goal to your charity.  

You have either found us because you have searched for something like “digital marketing agency in australia” or “SEO for charities” and you know you need to improve your online presence and charity SEO, or you have found us unintentionally and are now interested to find out why this might benefit your charity.  

Charity SEO service include : 

Keyword research 

The most important thing of a charity SEO strategy is to pick the most sensible keywords. By this we mean, keywords that have a magnificent search volume, aren’t overly competitive but will also be relevant to your charity. This will enable your charity to find new supporters, donors and volunteers. In turn, these new visitors will spread the word and exponentially increase the amount of traffic to your site through all channels and sources.  


One of the signals that Google uses to determine the quality/ranking of your site and its individual pages is the number of other sites that contain links to it. The more links, the more ‘authoritative’ your site presumably is, though arguably these days the quality is more important than the quantity.  

Social SEO 

Social media plays a role in your charity site’s SEO. A fairly small role at present – but generally the more your content gets shared on Facebook/Twitter etc – the more Google will consider that content to be relevant/authoritative.