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Bing/Yahoo PPC

It is good to be with the best but it is bad to ignore the rest!

Bing is the default search engine in Microsoft’s web browser. It has retained an impressive share of the search market worldwide and thus is a potential search engine that can be used for generating a huge amount of traffic. You can generate traffic that you can make a profit from by running Bing PPC campaigns. The Bing platform allows advertisers to display search adverts on Bing and Yahoo. 

Bing equates to 11% of the paid search traffic, so this is a good way of getting more competitive traffic. 

At Wingerly, we run campaigns on Bing / Yahoo for several of our clients, and find that although search volume is smaller compared to Google, the traffic comes at a cheaper cost and, if you know the keywords that already work for you, can offer a great opportunity for increased exposure online. 

Wingerly are experienced with managing Bing and AdWords accounts, often with the aim of exploring new areas of performance using the merits of both search engines.