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Web Maintenance

Are you losing business because of your website? Our web maintenance team can help. 

Just like any other technology, your website needs to be updated and maintained for optimal performance. The technologies used to build websites change over time as new features are added, bugs are fixed, and security exploits are patched.

A website that is not maintained will quickly become outdated on a code / software level, it can also have an effect on your visitors’ experience with broken links, slow page loading times, and dated content giving the impression of a business not paying attention to its customer experience.  

Wingerly will identify issues of performance, compatibility, and outdated plug-ins and/or information sources and both fix and optimize your website for the current state of the web.  

Don’t let your website fail you.

We keep your website at peak performance to ensure you’re always closing business. 

By looking at visitor and behavioural data, heatmaps and visitor playbacks, we can make informed recommendations for updates and split tests, with a view to increasing conversion rates and general site performance.  

Whether you require a full CRO audit or a basic performance analysis, we take pride in watching each of our newly launched websites flourish, with continuous optimisation to ensure it’s performing as well as it should be, ultimately helping your business grow.  

Schedule maintenance to achieve peak performance

As the Internet grows, many online resources or information sources become outdated or discontinued. We perform an ongoing analysis of the pages on your website and off your website. When a link breaks, we take action to either restore the information, or find a new accurate information source to replace it. 

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