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Google Tag Manager | GTM

Known as GTM, Google Tag Manager refers to a backend tags management service that allows websites and product listings to become seamlessly integrated for a smooth and error-free functionality. 

Google Tag Manager delivers simple, reliable, easily integrated tag management — for free.

Effective tag management solutions providers such as Wingerly can allow your ecommerce platforms to be devoid of any malfunctioning link or code that causes disturbance in the website performance at the user end. 

With rising trends of Magento and WordPress websites, Google tag management easily integrates itself across several platforms. Google Tag Manager (GTM) allows us to add the following services and functions to your website without the need of a developer: 

Besides, Google Tag Manager allows you to simply create or manage users, with the ability to test and debug snippets of code before going live with a version. 

Why Google Tag Manager?

  • Precise tag management can allow smoother process ranging from a visitor landing on ecommerce site to making a successful purchase 
  • Misdirected links can be easily and quickly traced and rectified using Google tag management services 
  • Clubbing Google Tag Manager with event tracking can help gain better synchronization with the user preferences and product performance 

To experience the boost of Google Tag Manager in order to ensure optimal efficacy from your Digital Marketing initiatives, get in touch with Wingerly, NOW!