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SEO for Local Business

If your business targets a local audience, you know the importance of improving your business’ visibility in the local search results. That’s what our local SEO services are all about.  

Given that Google have stated that at least 20% of all searches relate to a location, it’s really important to pay attention to local SEO. This is especially true when you consider that mobile search is expected to leapfrog desktop in the very near future. Currently 40% – 50% of mobile searches relate to a location.  

Success in local SEO can differ based on the types of markets your business aims and the audiences you’re intending to reach. We ensure that each part of your campaign is measured effectively to give you an idea of the performance you can expect at a granular level and to show you how you’re stacking up to your potential. 

We help you understand where you’re getting your business, which efforts are producing the most leads organically, and what we are doing to improve your local SEO performance.  

Local SEO services therefore include, but are not limited to:  


Your website needs to represent your local profile and should include your address and references to local services and areas you serve.  


This free tool from Google is an essential part of building your local presence, enabling you to manage Google Plus, Google Maps and more.  


The more times Google sees your business name and address written consistently across reputable directories, the more it trusts your location.  


Just as you want local people to be talking about your brand offline, it’s essential they talk about it online too. We’ll help you identify those opportunities to get local businesses and authorities talking about your company.  

With Wingerly’s approach, you can make the most of this opportunity and get more customers through your door because of it.