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What's Included In Google Grant Management?

Running a successful Google Grant account is complex and can be extremely time consuming. With our team of ambitious, certified experts we can help your nonprofit use the full $10,000 Google Grant and allow you to devote your time to effectively running your nonprofit organization.

No Set-Up Fees

You shouldn't have to pay any fees for hiring outside help. We offer no set-up or hidden fees, ever!

FREE Application

Applying for a Google Grant can be difficult. Client or not, we offer this at no cost to any nonprofit organization.

Google Certified Rep

You’ll be appointed a Google and Bing certified account representative to answer any of your questions.

Ad Creation

After learning about your nonprofit we'll write the ad copy. You'll be able to approve the ads before going live

More Ad Groups = More Budget Spent*

Prices listed are on an annual agreement and to be paid monthly. Monthly prices start at $199/mo. Save 10% if paid in full.

  • Starter Plan

  • $ 99

    per month

    • Upto 5 Total Ad Groups
    • Ad Text A/B Split Testing
    • Monthly Ad Optimization
    • Monthly Performance Report
    • Personal Account Representative
    • Preset Monthly Meeting
  • Regular Plan

  • $ 299

    per month

    • Upto 15 Ad Groups
    • Ad Text A/B Split Testing
    • Bi-Weekly Ad Optimization
    • Monthly & Weekly Reports
    • $40,000 Grants Pro Management
    • Personal Account Representative
    • Two Preset Monthly Meetings
    • 24/7 Text Support Availability
  • Premium Plan

  • $ 499

    per month

    • Unlimited Total Ad Groups
    • Ad Text A/B Split Testing
    • Weekly Ad Optimization
    • Monthly, Weekly, & Quarterly Reports
    • $40,000 Grants Pro Management
    • Landing Page A/B Split Testing
    • Personal Account Representative
    • Two Preset Monthly Meetings
    • 24/7 Text Support Availability

Interested in our Google Grant Management service?

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FAQ: Google Grant management

What does anticipated budget spent mean?

Anticipated budget spent means the amount per month we believe will be used per month from your Google Grant; however, we can never guarantee any budget spent due to the fact that we can not control the way a person interacts a online.

What is an ad group?

An ad group is a themed group of keywords (words people search for on Google) matching your ad title.

For example, an ad group titled “Human Trafficking Causes”, would include the following keywords: causes of human trafficking, human trafficking causes, what causes human trafficking, the major cause of human trafficking, causes and effects of human trafficking, etc.

We anticipate the more amount of ad groups will result in higher budget spent per month.

Do more ad groups always result in higher budget spending per month?

This is usually the case, but not always. It ultimately depends on the monthly search volume of the keywords within an ad group and other scoring factors determining ad rank.

I have questions regarding my account.

If you’re on the Starter or Regular package and have completed your Preset Monthly Meeting, please email your account rep or chat with us for support. If you’re on the Premium, please give us a call or schedule a phone conference with your dedicated account rep.

Can I promote my social media channels?

Unfortunately not. It is mandatory that all ads point to the website(s) associated with your nonprofit.

What do we do?

We provide Google Grant management and PPC management for nonprofits. Start a chat or contact us to schedule a one on one consultation on how we manage Google Grants for nonprofits.

What is landing page consultation?

We provide consultation on how your landing page should be designed to generate potential supporters.

Can I move up or down on plans?

Yes, you may move up or down at any time. Once signed up, contact your account rep to change your plan.

What are preset monthly meetings?

It is required that every nonprofit schedules a recurring monthly meeting with their account rep to go over performance and goals.

Do you manage Google Grants Pro?

Yes, we do. We charge $2,000/mo with 48 ad groups and it includes everything from our Prestige package.

Why do you believe more ad groups will result in higher budget spending per month?

Ad groups are composed of keywords and ad text. When a search is performed on Google it triggers a keyword within an ad group, which enables an ad text to appear. The more often an ad text appears, the greater the chance a user will click on the ad text; therefore, more ad groups increases the chances of more ad text appearing, which usually results in higher clicks and higher budget spending per month.

* We anticipate the more amount of ad groups created will usually result in more budget spend per month; however, we can not guarantee any ad spent due to the fact that we can not control the way a user interacts online.
** Guaranteed Google Grant: We can not guarantee the Google Grant; however, we will apply on your behalf, if reject you will receive a 100% refund.