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PPC | Pay Per Click | Paid Search

Make sure your business is the clear choice when your customer is ready to buy. 

PPC, or pay-per-click advertising, is one of the best ways to target your most qualified audience. It allows you to reach them where they’re already looking, and gain a leg up against competitors. With the help of correctly configured PPC Campaign, you can maximize ROI (Return on Investment) so as to produce the highest quality traffic that converts into sales and leads with the lowest possible advertising spend. 

Clicks on paid search listings beat out organic clicks by nearly a 2:1 margin for keywords with high commercial intent. So, 64.6% of people click on Google Ads while searching or looking for something online! 

If you are keen to promote your brand or products by leveraging the power of social media, we aid in the same by our social media ads over Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Yahoo, and more.   

Google Adwords Management

Grow your business with Google AdWords. 

Google AdWords (Google Ads) provides businesses with the means to appear at the top position of Google’s search results page through a paid channel. Google is the most widely used search engine across the globe, so Google AdWords (Google Ads) is the best choice for any business wishing to target the biggest audiences. 

AdWords can help any business to achieve great results – whether that be increasing online visibility or brand awareness or generating online sale and ROI. 

Our team first try to understand your business, and adapt our online marketing strategy to help you reach your business objectives. We believe that growing Google  AdWords accounts steadily with consistent monitoring helps businesses achieve the best results. 

Google Adwords (Google Ads) is extremely beneficial in a variety of ways: 

  • Search, Display & Shopping Campaigns 
  • Help Promote Your Business 
  • Work Towards a Better ROI 
  • Target the Right People 

We can help you get started today and have your adverts showing in no time at all. In addition, new Google AdWords advertisers are eligible for a free advertising voucher worth $75 to $150 to help you on your way. 

Remarketing allows you to target your advertising to people that have visited your site already, allowing you to convert window shoppers into customers. Over the years, we have also offered other varieties of paid advertising for a global clientele. Some of these include app advertising, Google shopping, display advertising, and video advertising too. 

Our end-goal for each client is to deliver results.  We do this by auditing existing paid advertising campaigns or creating new ones from scratch.  We then manage our client’s accounts on an ongoing basis by monitoring bid prices, and daily and monthly budgets.  

We also look at your Google analytics set up making sure all the PPC campaigns are being tracked correctly and goals are set up so you can determine how effective specific PPC campaigns are for your business. 

We’d love to discuss your PPC needs and get you a custom quote on a PPC campaign that works for you. Get in touch with us, today!