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The Importance of Social Media Marketing for SMEs

With likes, shares and follows, success also follows!

One of the most effective types of digital marketing is social media marketing. Big enterprises, celebrities, politicians, all invest thousands of dollars in social media marketing. More and more people, from housewives to vice presidents of the MNCs, use one or more social networking websites. Let’s see some important statistics related to the same:

  • As per one of the statistics shared by MarketingSherpa, 95% of users aged 18 to 34 years most likely to follow a business brand via social media.
  • 90% of customers have used social media platforms to communicate with the business brands, as per the stat shared by Smart Insight.
  • More than 50 million small businesses use Facebook business pages to connect and communicate with its customers, shared Facebook itself.
  • 1.8 billion Active users watch videos on YouTube, according to the official Blog of YouTube.

According to Hubspot, 92% of business owners and marketers say that social media is crucial to their business.

In a nutshell, all social media platforms have billions of active users and one of the major advantages of advertising on social channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc. is that you can choose your target audience. Thus, each social media platform provides the best marketing platform to marketers and companies.



SMEs (Small and Medium enterprises) always go through a deep brainstorming process to decide whether to invest in something or not and why not? SMEs often deal with short of cash scenarios and there are many things to do with a limited budget. Let me give you the top 2 reasons that prove why it is necessary for any SME company to invest in social media marketing:

1. The target audience of SMEs is there

If you are running an SME business, the first thing, you want to do is acquiring more and more new business. For this, you might be using various activities such as email marketing, cold calling, etc. However, if you are not using social media marketing, then you are actually losing the plot. Your target audience is right there on more than one social networking site like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin etc.  One of them must be used more frequently by your prospects. It’s a brands job to find them, engage with them and showcase yourself as appealingly as possible. Getting your business there and marketing your offerings, content, customer testimonials, etc. can help you attract new customers and convert new deals. 

2. SMEs can build a strong relationship with your existing customers

It takes a lot of efforts in acquiring one customer and any SME business cannot afford to lose the one. To make sure the customers share their experience and an SME listen to the same, it is necessary for an SME business to have a company page on the major social media platforms. Furthermore, posting regularly and giving rewards and/or recognition to the existing customers can be really beneficial as it helps them to build a stronger relationship with the customer.


Social media started as a novice platform, but now it has smart algorithms as well as an emotional value. These characteristics of social networking platforms have connected millions of people on a single virtual place to share, consume, and exchange information, feelings, and offers. The existing customers and potential customers are right there on social media platforms. Big companies are alluring them and converting them as paying customers. Get in touch with us now to take advantage of this trend with social media marketing.

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